Equipment List

Acoustic Guitars – 70’s Martin D-35, 1924 Martin 0-28, 2009 Martin Baritone, 1990 Gibson Dove, 60’s Gibson Folksinger, 1997 Taylor 814ce, 1996 Taylor 655 12-String, 1997 Lowden F-22, Asturias Classical, Ramirez Flamenco, Larivee Parlor High Strung guitar

Misc. Acoustic Instruments – 1929 National Duolian, Gretsch Resonator, Fender Mandolin, Goodtime Bluegrass banjo, 1925 Gibson Dixieland banjo, Gretsch 6-string banjo, Goldtone Mando-Guitar, Flea Ukulele, Kala Banjolele, Dulcimer, bajo sexto, swarmandal/tanpura

Electric Guitars – multiple Fender Stratocasters, multiple Fender Telecasters, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson 335, Gibson 175, G&L Legacy Special, Paul Reed Smith McCarty Soapbar, Rickenbacker 330 12-String, Epiphone Casino, Danelectro U2,  Epiphone Nighthawk, Fender Baritone, Danelectro Baritone

Misc. Electric Instruments – Fender Lap Steel, Fender Triple Neck, Fender Electric Mandolin, Jerry Jones Electric Sitar, African Telecaster, misc. oddly tuned and strung guitars

Electric Basses – Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Bass VI, Hofner Beatle bass

Amplifiers – Fender Deluxe, Fender Princeton, Marshall Plexi 50-watt, Matchless Clubman, Sears Silvertone Twin 12, Two Rock Studio Pro 35, Lexicon 284 preamp

Pedals – Too many to list. Maybe another time.

Signal Path/DAW – Gefell UMT 70S FET mic, AKG 451 mic, Groove Tubes Model 1 mic, AKG 414 mic, API 512c mic pres,  Apogee convertors, Apple Logic, Apple computers